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High drainage capacity

The new membrane GXP® Dren 20, produced from high density polyethylene (HDPE), thermally welded with high quality textile TYPAR®, demonstrates a very high drainage capacity, 10 l/s/m, owing to which it is universally used in construction. It can constitute protection and dehydration of foundations as well as be applied at waste dumps or in road construction. It is most commonly used in the construction of green roofs with irrigation installations and in green areas located over underground garages.


  • High drainage capacity 10 l/s/m
  • Universal use in construction
  • Certified material complying with the norm PN EN 13252
  • Waterproof and water vapour resistant
  • The integration with textile TYPAR® saves time at the construction site devoted to unfolding and joining with the consecutive layer
  • The foil resistant to root overgrowth

Technical Data

Technical Data
Weight900 g/m21100 g/m2
Material thickness0,9 mm1,0 mm
Compression strength160 kN/m2200 kN/m2
Embossing height20 mm20 mm
Number of embossings400 na m2400 na m2
Roll width2,0 x 12,5 m2,0 x 10 m
Temperature resistance-40 do +80oC-40 do +80oC
Air gap between buckets14 l/m214 l/m2
Drainage capacity (if it’s connected to the geotextile)8 l /s /m 480 l /min /m 28800 l /h /m8 l /s /m 480 l /min /m 28800 l /h /m


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