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Drainage geocomposte and foundation wall ventilation

GXP® DREN 5+5 is a combination of a membrane pressed from high density polyethylene (HDPE) with a welded polypropylene geotextile (ref. no. Typar®SF32-40). The geocomposite forms a space constituting a perfect drainage layer and the reserve of geotextile 5 cm over the membrane prevents penetration of the filling into the upper section of the system. A structure of double embossings enables a combination of ventilation functions with water drainage, that is, it ensures optimal ground drainage as well as control of moisture and aeration of the covered surfaces of foundation walls. GXP® DREN 5+5 is applied in civil engineering as well as for drainage of building constructions.


  • Highly resistant to puncture, compression, and tearing
  • High hydraulic permeability
  • Facilitates breathability of covered walls
  • Increases thermal insulation efficiency
  • High bucket density enables even load distribution
  • Replaces 2 layers: insulation and drainage, purchased separately

Technical Data

Technical Data
Geocomposite weight740 g/m2
Compression strength300 kN/m2
Embossing height2 x 5 mm
PEHD membrane thickness600 μm
PEHD membrane surface mass600 g/m2
PP geotextile surface mass136 g/m2
Drainage capacity1,24 l/s/m, 86,4 l/min/m, 5184 l/h/m
Width4 x 10 m, 4 x 20 m
Temperature resistance-40 do +80oC


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