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Insulation and drainage membrane

The foil pressed from high density polyethylene (HDPE), combined with thermally welded polypropylene geotextile Typar® SF, is assigned for mechanical protection and optimal drainage of foundation walls. The geocomposite GXP® DREN is also perfectly fit for various applications in civil engineering (underground car parks, bridge abutments, terraces, foundations, retaining walls, etc.) as well as for drainage of building constructions.


  • The combination of a bucket membrane with a geotextile provides an excellent drainage layer
  • The reserve of geotextile 5 cm over the membrane prevents penetration of the filling into the system and facilitates overlapping during a horizontal and vertical use
  • Possibility to produce rolls with the length of up to 35 m
  • A properly selected geotextile ensures optimal hydraulic capacity as well as optimal puncture resistance
  • The structure and the embossing densification ensures very good compression strength

Technical Data

Technical Data5678
Geocomposite weight600 g/m2700 g/m2800 g/m2900 g/m2
Compression strength230 kN/m2300 kN/m2350 kN/m2400 kN/m2
Emsbossing height8 mm8 mm8 mm8 mm
HDPE membrane thickness500 μm600 μm700 μm800 μm
HDPE surface mass500 g/m2600 g/m2700 g/m2800 g/m2
Air volume between textile and membrane5,3 l/m25,3 l/m25,3 l/m25,3 l/m2
Width2,0 m, 4,0 m2,0 m, 4,0 m2,0 m, 4,0 m2,0 m, 4,0 m
Temperature resistance-40 do +80oC-40 do +80oC-40 do +80oC-40 do +80oC

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