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New: Longitudal drainage (streets, highways, arterial roads, foundations)

The GXP® Dren 5+5 Duo membrane is an innovative product created through welding of a bucket foil with a structure of double embossings with geotextile DuPont™ TYPAR® from continuous polypropylene fibres, welded thermally. This provides the same properties on both sides of the mat and allows an effective longitudinal drainage with the use of pipes of different diameters. In its lower section, the mat is equipped with a special sleeve made of geotextile, used to place and fix the drainage pipe.


  • Two-side drainage system
  • Combines surface and vertical drainage as well as a linear water removal system
  • Enables removal of large amounts of water without the necessity of building wider ditches
  • Ideal for drainage of foundations in vertical systems

Technical Data

Technical Data600800
Composite weight820 g/m21020 g/m2
Compression strength300 kN/m2400 kN/m2
Embossing height2 x 5 mm2 x 5 mm
Membrane thickness600 μm800 μm
HDPE membrane surface mass600 g/m2800 g/m2
PP geotextile surface mass2 x 110 g/m22 x 110 g/m2
Drainage capacity3,3 l/m/s3,3 l/m/s
Widths1 m / 1,2 m / 1,5 m / 2 m1 m / 1,2 m / 1,5 m / 2 m
Temperature resistance-40 do +80oC-40 do +80oC


For Download

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