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Reliable geocomposite for protecting bituminal waterproofing

The GXP DREN F drainage geocomposite is a material made by extrusion of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), connected on both sides with DuPont™ Typar® thermally bonded polypropylene geotextile and a slip-on foil. It is intended for mechanical protection of thick-layer bituminous waterproofing and optimal drainage of foundation walls. Thanks to its properties, the GXP® DREN F geocomposite is also perfect for various applications in the field of civil engineering and for drainage of building structures, it has a high compressive strength of 250 kN/m², thanks to which it can protect pressure-sensitive waterproofing against damage.


  • 3-layer drainage and protection membrane
  • high compressive strength
  • protection of the waterproofing coating
  • ensuring optimal drainage surface
  • prevents damage resulting from ground movements, backfilling of excavations or subsidence of buildings

Technical data

Technical data
Material - Dimpled membraneHDPE
Material - GeotextilePP
Material - Slip foilLDPE
Thickness - Dimpled membrane0,6 mm - 1,2 mm
Thickness - Filter weight100 g/m2
Thickness - Slip foil150-200 μm
Roller dimensions2,0 x 20 m (8 mm); 2,0 x 12,5 m (10 mm)
Surface weight830 - 1430 g/m2
The height of the embossments8 mm; 10 mm
Number of embossments1860 szt. (8 mm); 3360 szt. (10 mm)
Air void between embossments5,3 l/m2 (8 mm); 7,9 l/m2 (10 mm)
Compressive strenght250 - 1100 kN /m2; 25 - 110 ton/m2
Fire resistance-40 to +80oC
Other propertiesNeutral to drinking water
CertificationComplies with EN 13252:2016



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