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Water reservoir for roofs and terraces

GXP® Dren 20 P is a combination of a perforated bucket membrane with geotextile DuPontTM TYPAR®, which constitutes an ideal drainage layer on extensive green roofs, at the same time serving as a filter, a water accumulating tank and a dehydration layer. A durable joint of the perforated bucket membrane with the thermowelded geotextile ensures high easiness during installation at sites as well as accelerates the works.


  • Ensures water accumulation for plants (intensive vegetation)
  • Very resistant to compression and breakdowns
  • High densification of embossings 400 items/m²
  • Increased thermal insulation
  • Limited heat accumulation
  • Optimal dehydration capacity
  • Certified material compliant with norm PN – EN 13252

Technical Data

Technical Data
Weight900 g/m21100 g/m2
Material thickness0,9 mm1,0 mm
Compression strength160 kN/m2200 kN/m2
Embossing height20 mm20 mm
Number of embossings400 na m2400 na m2
Roll width2,0 x 12,5 m2,0 x 10 m
Temperature resistance-40 do +80oC-40 do +80oC
Air gap between buckets14 l/m214 l/m2
Drainage capacity (if it’s connected with the geotextile)10 l /s /m 600 l /min /m 36000 l /h /m10 l /s /m 600 l /min /m 36000 l /h /m


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