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Very durable membrane

The GXP® Plus 20 membrane produced from high density polyethylene (HDPE), with the basis weight of 800 – 1200 g/m² , is assigned for green roofs, as well as mechanical and hydraulic protection of tunnels or other underground constructions with an increased water flow.


  • Very resistant to compression and puncture owing to buckets in the shape of a truncated cone
  • Enables uniform distribution of loads owing to high densification of buckets (400 items/m²)
  • Increased air space between embossings improves thermal insulation
  • During horizontal installation, limits capillary water rising, directs and removes water from downpipes (of the collector)

Technical Data

Technical Data8001000
Weight800 g/m²1000 g/m²
Material thickness0,8 mm1,0 mm
Compression strength160 kN/m²200 kN/m²
Embossing height20 mm20 mm
Number of embossings400 per m²400 per m²
Air space between buckets14 l/m²14 l/m²
Drainage capacity (if it’s connected to the geotextile)8 l /s /m 480 l /min /m 28800 l /h /m8 l /s /m 480 l /min /m 28800 l /h /m
Width2,0 m i 4,0 m2,0 m i 4,0 m
Temperature resistance-40 to +80o C-40 to +80o C


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