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The Strongest in Its Category

The geomembrane GXP® Plus N10 made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) provides the optimal control of humidity and ventilation of covered surfaces of foundation walls, which is ensured by embossing with the compaction of over 3300 items/m² . It is especially useful in areas exposed to high ground pressures (e.g. deep foundations, access roads over underground garages).


  • Increased compression strength and breakdown strength high ventilation capacity
  • It facilitates breathing of walls and underground structures and increases heat insulation effectiveness
  • It enables a uniform distribution of loads caused by ground pressure
  • It is applied in fire roads

Technical Data

Technical data
MaterialExtruded HDPE foil (polyethylene high density)
Roll width2,0 m
Surface mass600 g/m²
Embossing heigh20 mm
Number of embossingsapprox. 3360 /m²
Compression strength400 kN/m²
Temperature resistance-40 to +80o C
Air space between buckets7,9 l/m²
Drainage capacity (if it’s connected with the geotextiles)4,8 l/s/m 288 l/min/m 17 280 l/h/m


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