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Water reservoir for roofs and terraces

The membrane GXP® Plus 20 P is produced from high density polyethylene (HDPE), with the basis weight of 1000 g/m² . It is created especially for flat surfaces covered with vegetation. The membrane ensures unique properties when the buckets are directed with their apertures up, owing to which they play the role of micro-containers regulating the accumulation of water in the rooting system (in a plantcovered ground), and at the same time increasing the heat insulation of the system and limiting the heat accumulation.


  • High resistance to compression and puncture
  • Simultaneous water accumulation and controlled drainage
  • Increased heat insulation
  • Limited accumulation of heat
  • Cost-efficient

Technical Data

Technical Data
Weight1000 g/m2
Material thickness1,0 mm
Compression strength200 kN/m2
Embossing height20 mm
Number of emnbossings400 na m2
Diameter of perforation apertures4,5 mm
Temperature resistance-40 do +80oC
Air space between buckets14 l/m2
Roll dimensions2,5 x 1,2 m
Water accumulation capacity6 l/m2
Drainage capacity10 l/m/s


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