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Excellent high quality geotextile

Naptex® is a non-woven geotextile, thermally welded, 100 % propylene. It is a material of a wide application range. Owing to an excellent combination of high initial modulus and high elongation (up to 50 %), as well as a unique structure, it demonstrates superlative mechanical properties in all directions.


  • High energy absorption capacity
  • High initial rigidity modulus
  • High elongation at rupture (up to 50%)
  • Long lasting filtration (resistance to clogging)
  • High material structure homogeneity

Technical Data

Technical Data
Weight90 g/m2
Breaking strength (EN ISO 103019)4,7 / 5,3 kN/m²
Dynamic breakdown strength (EN 13433)45 mm
Static breakdown strength (CBR test) (EN ISO 12236)0,8 kN
Filtration opening (EN ISO 12956)175 μm
Water flow speed index (EN ISO 11058)0,1 m/s


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