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Highest quality geotextile

The DuPont™ TYPAR®SF geotextile is a flat thermally joined and permeable geotextile made of 100% polypropylene continuous fibres. Its highest quality is ensured by a high initial modulus, high stretchability (over 50 %) as well as homogeneity, owing to which it is resistant to damage and demonstrates excellent filtration, separation, draining and protection properties. Typar® is a textile with unique strength and a wide range of applications. It proves effective even under very hard conditions, in road construction, both on dry terrains and degraded areas.


  • Easy manual installation
  • Easy build-in
  • Simple logistics (small roll diameters – lower transport unit cost)
  • Availability in many sizes
  • High energy absorption capacity
  • High initial modulus of rigidity
  • Long lasting filtration
  • High elongation at rupture (>50%)
  • Does not significantly increase the weight during rain or snow precipitation


For Download

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