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Durable needle punched textile

Naptex® 100 is a non-woven geotextile, produced by the method of needle punching, partially thermally hardened, made 100% from polypropylene. Owing to its properties, Naptex® 100 characterizes in multifunctionality and has a wide range of applications, mostly for separation, filtration, reinforcement and stabilization of the ground.


  • Reinforces the substructure and ensures stability of roads, pavements, drives and car parks
  • Used under paving stones and slabs For stabilization of the ground with maintained water filtration
  • Protects the drain, filtrates the water and separates the aggregate around the draining pipe
  • In perimeter drainage of foundations,rotects the insulation from damage, and the drainage system from clogging
  • Separates the thermonsulation layer from the gravel backfilling, at the same time stabilizing the terrace and roof flooring

Technical Data

Technical Data
Weight90-110 g/m2
Breaking strength (EN ISO 103019)7,2 / 2,4 kN/m²
Dynamic breakdown strength (EN 13433)30 mm
Static breakdown strength (CBR test) (EN ISO 12236)1,1 kN
Filtration opening (EN ISO 12956)175 μm
Water flow speed index (EN ISO 11058)0,11 m/s

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