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Reliable Gold Medalist – GXP DREN 5+5 DUO geocomposite

Reliable Gold Medalist – GXP DREN 5+5 DUO geocomposite for linear water drainage from road bodies used during the construction of the S7 expressway from the border of the province. Świętokrzyski to Krakow.

General contractorFabe Polska Sp. z o.o.

Benefits of using GXP DREN 5+5 DUO:

  • narrower excavation taking into account only the width of the drainage pipe used,
  • using non-cohesive native soil to fill the geocomposite,
  • limiting the use of heavy excavation equipment, the use of mini excavators
  • no excavation of excavated material and no transport of aggregate,
  • inserting the geocomposite with the pipe is done manually / we do not need heavy equipment.

All these works allow you to save 30-50% of the value of the traditional solution, which is French drainage.

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