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Polypropylene and polyester

Needle punched geotextiles are irreplaceable for ground stabilization, preventing material mixing as well as filtration and stabilization of the ground and the structure. The ones mostly used are polypropylene textiles (PP), as they are 2 to 6 times stronger than polyester geotextiles (PES).


  • Creating a barrier between individual layers of soil prevents them from mixing
  • It ensures the stability and load-bearing capacity of the ground and structures
  • Thanks to its hydraulic properties, it is used in drainage of ground structures
  • It strengthens weak soil and stabilizes the substrate

Technical Data

Weight90-1200 g/m²100-1200 g/m²
Material100% polypropylene100% polyester
Tensile strength (EN ISO 103019)8-70 kN/m² ; 8,2-75 kN/m²1,3-11,8 kN/m² 1,9-12,7 kN/m²
Filtration opening (EN ISO 12956)110-70 μm50-40 μm
Dynamic perforation strength (EN 13433)28-0 mm28-0 mm
Lengthmin. 50 m, max 200 mmin. 50 m, max 200 m
Widthmin. 1 m, max 6,2 mmin. 1 m, max 6,2 m

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