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Failproof base under floor and terrace tiles

GXP® 3W is a technologically advanced mat ensuring safe and durable installation of finishings of floors and terraces with flooring. The application of a pressed core made from HDPE, joined on both sides with textiles, limits local cracking and prevents its propagation on the base.


  • Distributes and reduces local shrinkages and relaxations of floorings
  • Protects floor tiles against migration of moisture from the base owing to a ventilations system
  • Constitutes a bridge between the flooring and the tiles the cracks and base movements are minimized and not transferred further onto the tiles
  • Forms a strong joint with the glue owing to its easy penetration into the textile and the cavities
  • Constitutes a barrier against water penetration into the base as well as an element of control and evacuation of water vapouri

Technical Data

Technical Data
Roll size1,0 x 30 m
Surface mass550 g/m2
Number of embossings2500 / m2
Air gap between embossings1,56 l/m2
Compression strength350 kN /m2 35 tom/m2


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