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Durable and elastic insulation

The PVC geomembrane is a synthetic foil made of polyvinyl chloride, used in civil and water engineering as well as in environment protection as a barrier or a barrierelement preventing water (or other liquid) rising or penetration.


  • High elasticity
  • Very good adhesion of the substrate
  • Resistant to non-uniform ground settlement or deformation
  • Owing to high specific gravity, it is ideal for water tank insulation
  • Owing to its high elasticity, it gives the possibility to prepare large size sheets beforehand to be directly arranged at the site

Technical Data

Technical Data0,811,52
Thickness (PE EN 1849-2) (mm)0,8 mm1,0 mm1,5 mm2,0 mm
Basis weight (kg/m²)1,3 kg/m²1,6 kg/m²2,4 kg/m²3,2 kg/m²
Max. tensile force (PN-EN ISO 12311-2)≥250≥250≥500≥1000
Elongation at rupture (PN-EN ISO 12311-2) (%) along/across≥100 / ≥150≥100 / ≥150≥100 / ≥180≥100 / ≥200
Tensile strength (PN-EN ISO 527 1/3) (MpA) along/across≥15≥15≥15≥15


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