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Perfect Anti-Dampness insulation

The BOR insulation foils provide a lasting and effective protection of bearing walls and foundations against capillary moisture rising. They are assigned for anti-dampness and anti-water protections of foundations and walls of underground sections of buildings.


  • Very solid and durable, non-biodegradable,
  • It has very high insulation parameters
  • Can be used both horizontally and vertically,
  • Large range of roll sizes,
  • Made of polyvinyl chloride,
  • It adheres perfectly to walls and foundations
  • Easy to arrange,
  • Solid and durable (three times thicker than the traditional version).



Technical Data
Weight PN-EN 1849-2285-1000 g/m2
Material thickness0,3-1,0 mm
Water resistance (2 kPa/ 24h) (PN-EN 1928)water resistant
Roll length20-50 m
Roll width0,07-1,5 m

Griltex Poland Ltd., as a result of implementing the project entitled “Implementation by Griltex Poland Ltd. of innovative technology for manufacturing double-sided embossed film for horizontal insulation of walls in traditional and frame construction” co-financed by the European Union funds under the European Regional Development Fund, Operational Program Smart Growth 2014-2020, Sub-measure 3.2.2 Technological innovation credit, has introduced significantly improved double-sided embossed film with enhanced quality parameters into its offer.

The scope of the investment included the construction of a production hall and the purchase of a line for the production of double-sided embossed film.

The market outcome of the project implementation is the introduction of new products by Griltex Poland Ltd., as well as, above all, an increase in innovation and competitiveness in the domestic and international markets through efficient utilization of expenditures on research and development work.

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